Sound Equipment Hire

Sound equipment rental is key to any meeting, event and conference. whether it is a microphone, music or a speech the sound must be audible and clear,  using state of the art active speakers on every installation. Our fully trained technicians ensure the sound from the microphones and presentation can be heard by all

With this in mind our sound equipment hire department has everything you need to be heard. Whether it is a basic 2 speaker pa with a lead microphone to a multi speaker system going through several rooms with items such as Radio microphones, pc sound kits to more elaborate kit e.g. Lapel or headset microphones, Mixers to output the sound to different zones ensuring that the guests at the back of the room can hear as clearly as the ones at the front.

If you have video embedded in your presentation that is being projected on the big screen it is only fair that you can hear it as well as see it.

We also offer outdoor pa’s for team building days, Summer fetes or basic pa’s for sporting events and festivals.

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